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"""Provides the :class:`BidirectionalMapping` abstract base class."""

from .compat import Mapping, abstractproperty, iteritems

[docs]class BidirectionalMapping(Mapping): # pylint: disable=abstract-method,no-init """Abstract base class (ABC) for bidirectional mapping types. Extends :class:`` primarily by adding the (abstract) :attr:`inv` property, which implementors of :class:`BidirectionalMapping` should override to return a reference to the inverse :class:`BidirectionalMapping` instance. Implements :attr:`__subclasshook__` such that any :class:`` that also provides :attr:`~BidirectionalMapping.inv` will be considered a (virtual) subclass of this ABC. """ __slots__ = () @abstractproperty def inv(self): """The inverse of this bidirectional mapping instance. *See also* :attr:`bidict.BidictBase.inv` :raises NotImplementedError: Meant to be overridden in subclasses. """ # The @abstractproperty decorator prevents BidirectionalMapping subclasses from being # instantiated unless they override this method. So users shouldn't be able to get to the # point where they can unintentionally call this implementation of .inv on something # anyway. Could leave the method body empty, but raise NotImplementedError so it's extra # clear there's no reason to call this implementation (e.g. via super() after overriding). raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def __inverted__(self): """Get an iterator over the items in :attr:`inv`. This is functionally equivalent to iterating over the items in the forward mapping and inverting each one on the fly, but this provides a more efficient implementation: Assuming the already-inverted items are stored in :attr:`inv`, just return an iterator over them directly. Providing this default implementation enables external functions, particularly :func:`~bidict.inverted`, to use this optimized implementation when available, instead of having to invert on the fly. *See also* :func:`bidict.inverted` """ return iteritems(self.inv)
[docs] @classmethod def __subclasshook__(cls, C): # noqa: N803 (argument name should be lowercase) """Check if *C* is a :class:`` that also provides an ``inv`` attribute, thus conforming to the :class:`BidirectionalMapping` interface, in which case it will be considered a (virtual) C even if it doesn't explicitly extend it. """ if cls is not BidirectionalMapping: # lgtm [py/comparison-using-is] return NotImplemented if not Mapping.__subclasshook__(C): return NotImplemented mro = getattr(C, '__mro__', None) if mro is None: # Python 2 old-style class return NotImplemented if not any(B.__dict__.get('inv') for B in mro): return NotImplemented return True
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