Bidict has benefited from the assistance of many people and projects.


  • Gregory Ewing for the name.

  • Terry Reedy for suggesting the slice syntax (it was fun while it lasted).

  • Raymond Hettinger for providing feedback on the design and implementation, and (most of all) for the amazing work on Python’s built-in collections that made bidict possible.

  • Francis Carr for the idea of storing the inverse bidict.

  • Adopt Pytest Month 2015 for choosing bidict, Tom Viner for being bidict’s Adopt Pytest helper for the month, and Brianna Laugher for coordinating.

  • Zac Hatfield-Dodds for the amazing work (as well as soliciting feedback) on Hypothesis, Hypofuzz, and Pytest.

  • Harrison Goldstein for building Tyche and showing me how to use it.

  • Daniel Pope, Leif Walsh, David Turner, Itamar Turner-Trauring, and Michael Arntzenius for suggestions, code reviews, and design discussion.

  • Leif Walsh for contributing the initial devcontainer setup.

  • Jozef Knaperek for the bugfix.

  • Igor Nehoroshev for contributing the py.typed marker.

  • Bernát Gábor for pyproject.toml support.

  • Richard Sanger, Zeyi Wang, Brian Maissy, and Amol Sahsrabudhe for reporting bugs.