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# Copyright 2009-2023 Joshua Bronson. All rights reserved.
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

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"""Provide the :class:`BidirectionalMapping` abstract base class."""

from __future__ import annotations
from abc import abstractmethod
import typing as t

from ._typing import KT, VT

class BidirectionalMapping(t.Mapping[KT, VT]):
    """Abstract base class for bidirectional mapping types.

    Extends :class:`` primarily by adding the
    (abstract) :attr:`inverse` property,
    which implementors of :class:`BidirectionalMapping`
    should override to return a reference to the inverse
    :class:`BidirectionalMapping` instance.

    __slots__ = ()

    def inverse(self) -> BidirectionalMapping[VT, KT]:
        """The inverse of this bidirectional mapping instance.

        *See also* :attr:`bidict.BidictBase.inverse`, :attr:`bidict.BidictBase.inv`

        :raises NotImplementedError: Meant to be overridden in subclasses.
        # The @abstractmethod decorator prevents BidirectionalMapping subclasses from being
        # instantiated unless they override ``.inverse``. So this implementation of ``.inverse``
        # should never be unintentionally resolved from subclass instances. But raise here
        # anyway, so it's extra clear that this implementation should never be called.
        raise NotImplementedError

[docs] def __inverted__(self) -> t.Iterator[tuple[VT, KT]]: """Get an iterator over the items in :attr:`inverse`. This is functionally equivalent to iterating over the items in the forward mapping and inverting each one on the fly, but this provides a more efficient implementation: Assuming the already-inverted items are stored in :attr:`inverse`, just return an iterator over them directly. Providing this default implementation enables external functions, particularly :func:`~bidict.inverted`, to use this optimized implementation when available, instead of having to invert on the fly. *See also* :func:`bidict.inverted` """ return iter(self.inverse.items())
class MutableBidirectionalMapping(BidirectionalMapping[KT, VT], t.MutableMapping[KT, VT]): """Abstract base class for mutable bidirectional mapping types.""" __slots__ = () # * Code review nav * #============================================================================== # ← Prev: Current: Next: → #==============================================================================